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NEWS FLASH! Mankind Sends Pie To Space!

I know the media was fixated on the Electoral College this week.  I get it.  They were hoping for a soft coup.  It didn’t happen.  But in the days before Trump was solidified as our next POTUS, something wonderful did happen, and it deserves some

Booby It’s Cold Outside – Gift Giving – Episode 3

If golf and toast aren’t that special someone’s thing – maybe they’re all about the perfect winter accessory?  I’m just going to leave this one right here… definitely something for the more eccentric person on your Christmas list.  Seasons Squeezins.  This titillating gift is a

Doomsday Plane And The Post Nuclear Command Structure

Earlier this week, the internet was abuzz about a plane that circled over Colorado/Denver for several hours on Wednesday.  The plane was later identified as a US Navy E6-B Mercury, apparently nicknamed “the doomsday plane” because it is a command and control aircraft that would

It’s Only A State of Mind?

This is apparently a song about suicide.  I have never seen it that way.  I take it as an affirmation that everything in this life is a possible trigger that can toss your life into turmoil – if you let it.  Clarity is never a