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NEWS FLASH! Mankind Sends Pie To Space!

I know the media was fixated on the Electoral College this week.  I get it.  They were hoping for a soft coup.  It didn’t happen.  But in the days before Trump was solidified as our next POTUS, something wonderful did happen, and it deserves some

Goodbye Greg Lake – ELP Frontman Passes

Welp, another sad loss in music – Greg Lake has passed after a long battle with cancer.  His death follows up Keith Emerson’s suicide earlier this year – which means, two of the three original members of Emerson, Lake and Palmer are gone. I am

Booby It’s Cold Outside – Gift Giving – Episode 3

If golf and toast aren’t that special someone’s thing – maybe they’re all about the perfect winter accessory?  I’m just going to leave this one right here… definitely something for the more eccentric person on your Christmas list.  Seasons Squeezins.  This titillating gift is a

Useful Idiots And Their Trump Boycott List

So there’s some angry chick on Twitter that has published a list of companies that those in opposition to Donald Trump should boycott.  The funny thing is – it’s a great tool for pro-Trump types like me to use this holiday season in order to

Facebook – A Waste Of Time And Money

It’s no secret to those who know me, I think Facebook is an awful waste of time.  I cringe, viewing people who have friends lists in the thousands – knowing well that even hovering somewhere in the range of 65 – half of the people