Trump and the Alternate Timeline

What would you say if I told you that we are all living in an alternate timeline?  You’d probably say I was out of my mind – but I’d like you to hear me out.  Something very real and very tangible has happened and I believe we are all feeling it.  In the late 80s, I was taking a speech writing course at the local college.  The assignment was to write a persuasive speech.  I have always been a geek at heart and at the time, the new tech on the horizon was virtual reality.  I decided to do my speech on this topic and did some research so that I could be knowledgeable on the subject.  You have to remember that VR was in its infancy back in the 80s – but already it had a persistent problem.  People would become ill if the perceived next event in the simulation did not manifest.  In short, your mind is anticipating the next “step” in the simulation.  If that does not come to pass it triggers physical responses – such as nausea (there were tales of projectile vomiting).  It is a problem that in the last 25 to 30 years is still a very real issue with VR and they are always trying to overcome it with framerate adjustments etc. – but I digress.

Fast forward to 2015/2016.  We’re engrossed in a major election full of high drama and a bit of intrigue.  However, one thing is pumped out to the matrix on a daily basis – Hillary Clinton will be our next president.  From polls to the media narrative, the angle being pushed onto the electorate was merciless in its tenacity.  Trump did not have a chance.  There was no way that he could be elected.  This would be a brutal and (for leftists) glorious dismantling of the conservative movement.  And then, we actually voted.

I would proffer that even Trump supporters as ardent as I – were taken by surprise.  I did not watch the election coverage that night, until around midnight… because I did not want to watch the media gloat.  I did not want to see what my mind had already imagined, Hillary – stepping forth in a pantsuit, eyes darting to and fro,  declaring victory in that shrill sing-song delivery she has perfected.  I think this was an image that was burned into the psyche of our nation – through media manipulation of the electorate.  How strange that we should be lamenting the impacts of supposed Russian interference while wholly ignoring the same thing from the Fourth Estate.  They programmed our minds to expect an outcome.  Like a bad author, they had set the ending in stone, while ignoring the changing circumstances of the story.  Even when indicators had started to turn, they ignored the data in favor of pressing their agenda.  They poisoned our minds.  They had determined the fate of our nation without consulting we the people.  And like a bad VR experience, those that bought into the outcome were sickened.

Now we find ourselves lost in a kind of wasteland – waiting for reality to overtake the perceived next step.  The wait for Trump to come into office has left us in a mental limbo.  People still believe that somehow the timeline will be righted – seeing in their mind’s eye the images concocted by our media.  January 20th cannot come soon enough.  We need to embrace this timeline and the fact that this is REALITY… and that it was the media narrative that was always the FICTION.  Strange days ahead, campers… strange days, indeed.