Tolerant Liberalism: White? Then Sit Down And Shut Up!

The Democratic National Committee is engaged in a race to the bottom.  Never before have so many lunatics gathered to prove who among them is crazier.  Frankly, it’s disturbing.  Here we have Sally Boynton Brown, an Idaho Democrat seeking to be the DNC Chair.  What does she promise to do if granted the position?  Go ahead and have a look – I’ll wait.

She promises to tell white people to shut up.  Ah, yes – how American.  Apparently, if you’re white, you have no basis for standing within the discourse where it concerns people of color and the issues that they face.  It’s a crazy philosophy and it is wholly removed from what it is to be an American.  Where does it end?  Are black folks precluded from discussing issues that affect other minorities?  Will she tell black folks to shut up and to sit down when some sexual fetishist steps to the podium to air grievances?  Of course not.  This is the usual bit of appeasement and pandering that Democrats engage in when trying to swindle voters.  Somebody has to be demonized.  Ms. Boynton Brown has elected to demonize white people.  This is a disgraceful display and serves to evidence how utterly DERANGED and UNHINGED these people are.  Forget the Women’s March – apparently, white women also need to shut up and sit down too.

Resist this kind of nonsense and shine a light on Sally Boynton Brown and other lunatics just like her.  MARGINALIZE these people at every opportunity.  They have small minds and small agendas and they are all about putting you in a tiny box with a label.  RESIST.