Grant Liberalism No Quarter – Whether In Victory Or Defeat.

I’ve been causing some people fits.  I understand why.  I have not let up on the liberals and Obama despite massive victories for the right in this last election.  My reasons are simple.  People that support the leftist agendas of globalism and shared misery must not be allowed to rise from the mat.  Preachers of this ideology will not rest, and so – neither shall I.  Whatever there is to be said about Obama’s departure as President of the United States, the void left after this election must be filled and he remains the most viable voice for a political party that finds itself without any real successors.  Obama will continue to press his agenda and to lead even if in a de facto capacity, for years to come.  Chuck Schumer sees himself as the new champion – but I assure you, his lack of charisma and passion ensures that his tenure will be short lived.  So we must remind the people of Obama’s legacy:

He doubled the debt.  Advocates point to this as being necessary given the financial ruin of 2008.  Fine – but what did we get for this massive debt?  I would offer that we got next to nothing.  We got a status quo of low growth and unemployment numbers that remain extremely high despite the manipulations of the government bean counters.  Once your unemployment insurance runs out, you are not counted in the magic number that the media and Obama loved to reference whenever the issue came up.  Real unemployment has, conservatively speaking, been double the published rate for Obama’s entire reign.  Additionally, workforce participation has been in the toilet – but leftists will claim that massive retirement (baby boomers) is to blame for this… but of course, they fail to mention that those vacancies are not being filled.  Meanwhile, they told everybody to go back to school.  This has caused many people to amass huge amounts of student loan debt on an empty promise that good high paying jobs would be available to these college graduates.  The irony is that these same people are being passed over for jobs because companies (with the aid of Obama’s lax immigration policies) imported workers that would accept lower wages for the same work.  These H-1b visa holders did not amass huge debts with institutions of higher learning that served as indoctrination centers for Obama’s ideology.  When you don’t have a couple of hundred thousand dollars in debt, you can work for a lower wage.  What would the liberal solution be?  Lower tuitions?  Hell no.  Keep the tuitions, but have the government pay the debt.  Brilliant.

He appeased our enemies and diminished America’s standing across the globe.  This is subjective – but I stand by the assessment.  Obama spent a lot of time lowering his head to leaders across the world.  At the same time he stood defiant, neck craning and nostrils flared when addressing his critics here at home.  We were the people that he supposedly served and yet, he regarded us not as countrymen but as enemies.  When liberals decry my lack of graciousness in victory – I need only pull up a video of an arrogant Obama belittling his critics and declaring that “Elections have consequences.”  Well, sir… indeed they do.  His nuclear deal with a terrorist state was more about erecting a monument to himself than good policy.  We gave them everything and we demanded nothing – and Obama declared it a victory.  The fact that people see the narcissism in Trump while ignoring it in Obama is quite telling.

He fostered division across this nation.  I don’t care what anybody says.  Obama did not mediate conflicts in this country.  He picked winners and losers and he incited one against the other.  He proclaimed a love of Lincoln.  Yet to my mind, he took but one lesson from the man – who quoted the gospel of Mark 3:25, when he said, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”  It is as if Obama was determined to make this warning manifest under his tenure.  From his first days in office, he undermined law enforcement and set about deepening divisions that while ever present were through the course of time, being overcome.  Whether scab or deep scar, Obama scratched hard and brought them to the fore again, to fester and bleed.  I make no apologies in stating this boldly and clearly – Barack Obama was without a doubt more concerned with agitation of the people than service to this nation.  The facts are readily apparent – but he always had his sycophantic media to protect him from questions of intent and whether or not his deeds healed or harmed the divisions that he was so keen to exploit.  Today we see the fruits of his labor as people take to the streets to cause chaos and anarchy.  Those out there burning cars, throwing feces and engaging in violence against those that disagree with them are the real legacy of Obama’s domestic agenda.  A pox on his house for his reckless endeavor.

And so we come to today.  We have a new president.  We have a legislature that is controlled by one party.  It is not so unlike the start that Barack Obama had – but nobody saw any danger in it when he was given such broad powers.  There was no hue and cry when he ruled by fiat, using executive orders to inflict his will on the people without consent or deliberation.  I have said that hypocrisy is the coin of the leftist realm and that will never change.  In assessments of their enemies, liberals are fast to point it out, in themselves, they are blind to it.  The media who served as little more than propagandists for the Obama regime and his globalist allies throughout the government will fast become prosecutors of this new government.  They will seek to undermine every facet of Trump’s agenda and will work day and night to see him removed from office, whether justified or not.  Sadly, they will have champions within the Republican Party, people frightened by the potential loss of their own power and the undermining of the political establishment to which they owe their livelihoods.  Positions within government were always supposed to be a service to the people – filled for a time by men and women with real world jobs, who set them aside for a while.  It seems to me that Trump’s service is more in keeping with that original intent – but what do I know?  Politics has become a vocation, and this has been our greatest failing as a nation but I risk going off topic and so will leave it that.  These forces will align to smear, taint and undo the will of a majority of the voters in 31 states within our 50 state union.  They will work tirelessly and without remorse.  They will be unrepentant in their exploitation of the divisions within our nation, picking up Obama’s mantle and we cannot allow it to go on unchecked.  We must be vigorous in our defense against these aligned forces that would see America undermined.

To this point, leftists have been allowed to lazily defend Obama and his agenda.  They never had to participate in actual discourse.  They never had to endure a debate involving ideas.  All they ever had to do was recline leisurely on a comfortable chaise made soft with accusations of racism and bigotry.  Again, Obama had carefully cultivated the myth and his followers danced to the drumbeat.  An opposition viewpoint could never be the product of a reasoned and logical assessment of the facts – it was always about the color of the drummer’s skin.  We who have supported Trump will have no such luxuries.  The media will cast Trump as white, entitled, rich, racist, sexist, homophobic… on and on and on… and we will have to counter such assertions boldly and with facts.  We will have to stand firm in our ideals and if Trump is true to conservative ideology, illustrate wherein he has been successful.  While liberals tell you to be gracious in victory, I tell you to be unyielding.  The war is already afoot, rest not upon your laurels – the enemy plots ill works and seeks to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat.  Grant no quarter – but instead keep your boot firmly planted – square upon the enemy’s neck.  The future of the republic depends upon it.