Tillerson To Head State Department – Critics Pounce

So Trump has selected Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to be the Secretary of State.  What Trump did with this choice, was deliver on his promise to appoint successful, competent and shrewd people to positions of power in our government – especially where is concerns negotiation.  The media reaction, of course, was spun to support their narrative – so, this selection was about appeasing Putin.  The truly laughable part is that it really wouldn’t have mattered which country had been accused of undermining our election, Tillerson could have been colored a puppet of dozens of despicable countries across the globe because he has done business with most of them.  For me – that’s a resume enhancement.  The man obviously knows the players – he knows their systems and how to game them to his advantage.

While undermining Tillerson’s credentials, the same critics see this appointment as nothing more than a means to an end for Exxon to expand their market share through the use of a government position.  Let me state here and now, this is nonsense.  Our government is rife with people that come in and out of various private sector corporations – Tillerson is not so different, he just went about it the opposite way.  Most politicians go into the private sector when they lose an election or their party is out of power and appointments are few, only to again re-emerge in the political sphere when fortunes change.  Do those folks not bring biases from their private sector influences?  Politicians are rotten with corporate cash intended to bring about a result, we can lament it – but we seem unable to prevent it (because these professional public servants write laws to circumvent our will).  It’s enough with the pearl clutching and gnashing of teeth over Tillerson.  Let the man take his knowledge and expertise and use them for our nation’s benefit.  I am sure if the man makes even the slightest blunder or is seen as engaging in practices that would be considered a conflict of interest the media will be there to pounce – something we have not seen in the last eight years under Obama.

As an aside, let me also state that all of the angst you are seeing from the political class over Trump’s appointments speaks not to the selections but to the effects that they are having on the beltway elite.  Unemployment has finally come to the Washington political establishment.  Content to deliver a diminished lifestyle to the rest of the country, they are appalled that their relevance is being diminished by Trump’s reliance on military and private sector people to do the business of government.  They obviously have not yet gotten the memo from the American people – we are sick and tired of politicians screwing us rotten.  Leftists say of Trump’s appointments that we have robber barons and warmongers in charge.  Excuse me, but the last 100 years have seen positions of power within our government inhabited by grifters and conmen – so please, don’t make me suffer your moralistic bleatings.  We voted for change – we’re seeing change – for better or worse, we all need to deal with it and move on.