Obama Goes Out Swinging – Against The Media!

There is a delicious irony in the fact that Barack Obama is set to finish his tenure as President of the United States lambasting a media that created his mythology.  Barack Obama was an unknown commodity, cast by the media as a learned and scholarly sort with all of the experience necessary to be the leader of the free world.  They ignored the fact that the man was a middling freshman senator with little to no real world experience – whether political or professional.  Any scandal that might have ensnared another candidate was cast as racist propaganda.  They were good and loyal servants – but what a difference an election makes.

 “I’ve said before I couldn’t be prouder of Secretary Clinton, her outstanding service. I think she’s worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, and I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election,” Obama said. “I think the coverage of her and the issues was troubling.”

The coverage of her “issues” was indeed troubling – but not for the reasons Barack would have you believe.  What was so disturbing about the coverage of Clinton’s “issues” was how they were explained away by the media machine.  The reality of the situation is that the alternative media provided the only legitimate coverage of Clinton’s “issues”.  I suppose Mr. Obama neglected to review the study wherein it was shown that 91% of the evening news coverage for Donald Trump was NEGATIVE.  Really, Mr. Obama – if the most qualified candidate for the office could not win with the scales of propaganda weighted so heavily in her favor – she has only herself to blame.  But blame the media Obama surely did:

“I’m finding it a little curious that everybody’s suddenly acting surprised that this looked like it was disadvantaging Hillary Clinton, because you guys wrote about it every day, every single leak, about every little juicy tidbit of political gossip, including John Podesta’s risotto recipe,” said Obama. “This was an obsession that dominated the news coverage.”

Again, I am the one finding this all a little curious.  The mainstream media’s obsession with the leaks seemed to be in curtailing people from believing their own lying eyes.  Every email was spun as some sort of harmless, misunderstood comment on the part of Podesta or members of the DNC.  The media did what they could Mr. Obama.  What could not be overcome was the fact that Americans know scheming and conniving when they see it.  They know hypocrisy.  They know when they are having a candidate shoved down their throats while the party spews nonsense about fairness and integrity.

But the most disturbing aspect of Obama’s comments yesterday centered around his threats of retribution against the Russians:

“Some of it we do publicly; some of it we will do in a way that they know but not everybody will,” Obama said. “The message will be directly received by the Russians and not publicized.”

Somebody really ought to tell the president that Podesta was not subject to a hack.  He was suckered by a phishing scam because his IT guy is an imbecile.  I would expect that a man so learned and capable as Mr. Obama would know the difference!  Anybody could have phished Podesta and therein lies the rub.  There was no real espionage required, it was all reliant on one member of the staff being dumb enough to fall for a bogus email – Podesta and his IT guy, they’re to blame for this supposed debacle.