Madonna – Ashamed To Be An American – Sod Off

Let me be perfectly clear.  I am sick and tired of celebrities preaching to me about what it is to be a good human being or an American.  Apparently, Madge aka Madonna – needed to vent her frustrations during Art Basel (an “artistic” event, in Miami – where a bunch of pretentious douche bags come together to have an overpriced yard sale).  While selling assorted junk and lip-syncing for an hour, Madonna had to also take shots at the president-elect AND America in general.

She’s ashamed to be an American?  If there is anything this clown of a woman should be ashamed of – it’s the way she continues to flaunt her dried up sexuality – as if anybody wants to go down that back alley of seedy ill-repute.  I suppose those into spelunking might find some fascination – just remember your flashlight and rope.  Seriously, Madonna has become Baby Jane Hudson (I have photographic evidence folks) and I am not going to pretend that she’s brave or articulate.  babyjanemadonnaMadonna is an utter imbecile. The fact that we as a people would indulge the opinions of a woman that is so ill informed and unconnected to reality is a shame on us all.  The media coverage should have been something more akin to – drunken old broad meanders into topics she knows nothing about, while dressed as a clown.  If they could have fit something in like, make-up by Dutch Boy made her look less like a deep fried bat, that would have been more informative.  No, Madonna is as learned as she is relevant.  Go raise your miserable kids – and leave the rest of us alone.  Those of us with any sense have been done with you for nearly two decades – we came to terms with it… maybe you should too, sweetheart.  Shuffle off.