Liberal Recount Effort Out of the News?

What happened to the fevered coverage of the Stein/Clinton recounts?  All of a sudden mum.  Well here’s your update:

Wisconsin – Trump is up 146 votes… *giggles*

Michigan – court orders recount ended because Stein has no standing… *snickers*

Pennsylvania – will be in court for a good long while, but liberal counties are still counting, because… well… they don’t seem to have the class to accept the results of the election… *guffaw*

I would like to thank the Green Party for separating crybabies from their money.  You really stuck it to them.  First, you said their candidate would in effect start World War III – and then, you got said candidate’s supporters to throw money at you for a cause that was never going anywhere.  I’ve said it before – I will say it again – you unwashed hippies are a real pack of bastards.  Bravo!