Goodbye Greg Lake – ELP Frontman Passes

Welp, another sad loss in music – Greg Lake has passed after a long battle with cancer.  His death follows up Keith Emerson’s suicide earlier this year – which means, two of the three original members of Emerson, Lake and Palmer are gone.

I am really bummed to hear this news.  I have always had a weird and eclectic taste in music and 70s prog has always been a part of my playlist.  I would blast these guys while hanging out in my basement playing video games back in the day.  By the middle 80s these guys were already considered dinosaurs and nobody I hung out with had any kind of appreciation for the greatness of this band.  In 1986, I got to see Emerson, Lake and Powell at Madison Square Garden.  Sure there was no Palmer – but Cozy Powell (also gone) was no slouch.  It remains to this day – the loudest concert I have ever attended.  My ears rang for a week.

While the music was often frenetic, Greg Lake’s smooth voice brought a cohesive sanity that bound the songs in harmonies.  Absolutely one of the best voices in rock.  I’ll leave this one for your listening pleasure – none of the ruckus of ELP’s usual fare – just Greg and his guitar.  Rest in peace… very sad.