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Writers – Procrastinators? Absolutely!

I post this one for my beautiful wife who has suffered for more than a decade as I have developed storyline after storyline – only to sit on my hands and barely write a word.  What is it about the argumentative nature of blogging which allows

Michelle Obama Is Delusional.

I know that some find criticism of Michelle Obama distasteful – but I don’t really care.  Michelle Obama has spent the last eight years and multitudes prior – criticizing this nation.  Speaking with Oprah, she had the nerve to say: “We are feeling what not

Liberal Recount Effort Out of the News?

What happened to the fevered coverage of the Stein/Clinton recounts?  All of a sudden mum.  Well here’s your update: Wisconsin – Trump is up 146 votes… *giggles* Michigan – court orders recount ended because Stein has no standing… *snickers* Pennsylvania – will be in court