Useful Idiots And Their Trump Boycott List

So there’s some angry chick on Twitter that has published a list of companies that those in opposition to Donald Trump should boycott.  The funny thing is – it’s a great tool for pro-Trump types like me to use this holiday season in order to support companies with ties to our president-elect.  I won’t publicize the hashtag for this dopey liberal’s little boycott, but I will publish the list and suggest to all those that support Trump, that they do their Christmas shopping with these fine businesses.  Notice that this moron had to add businesses with the Trump name to the list, like Trump Hotels and Trump Golf Courses.  Apparently, progressives are just that stupid.  But, I digress… so without further ado, here’s the list of retailers you should spend your hard earned money with this holiday:

  1. Home Goods
  3. Amazon
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond
  6. Bloomingdale’s
  7. Bluefly
  8. Bon-Ton
  9. Burlington Coat Factory
  10. Buy Buy Baby
  11. Carson’s
  12. Century 21
  13. Dillards
  14. DSW
  16. Hudson Bay
  17. HSN
  18. Jet
  19. Kushner Properties
  20. Lord & Taylor
  21. Macy’s
  22. Marshalls
  23. Neiman Marcus
  24. Nordstrom
  26. Perfumania
  27. Scion Hotels
  28. trumpliberalSaks Off Fifth
  29. & ShopStyleUK
  30. Stein Mart
  31. TJ Maxx
  32. Trump Golf Courses
  33. Trump Hotels
  34. Trump Winery
  35. Winners
  36. Zappos
  37. ABC Supply
  39. Hobby Lobby
  40. LendingTree
  41. MillerCoors
  42. NASCAR
  43. New Balance
  44. National Enquirer
  45. People Magazine
  46. Uline
  47. Ultimate Fighting Championship
  48. Yuengling Beer

Leftists are terrible at boycotts.  Remember the Chick-fil-A boycotts?  Not many people do.  Ended up that the boycott had the opposite outcome, with people coming out of the woodwork to support the place.  When that all went down, I got a great chicken sandwich (come on, they’re delicious) and an opportunity to show my support for a great company.  Happy shopping all – spread the Trump cheer!