Obama – Nationalism and Trump

Well, that didn’t take long.  One week and Barack Obama is out on the world stage making excuses for his party’s defeat by disparaging the electorate and technology… you know, the things that won him two terms as POTUS.  Commenting on the election from Greece, Obama said:

“Globalization, combined with technology, combined with social media and constant information, have disrupted people’s lives, sometimes in very concrete ways,” he said. “But also psychologically, people are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world. It starts looking different and disorienting.”

“And there is no doubt that has produced populist movements, both from the left and the right, in many countries in Europe. When you see a Donald Trump and a Bernie Sanders, very unconventional candidates, have considerable success, obviously there’s something there that’s being tapped into,” he said. “I think at times of significant stress, people are going to be looking for something, and they don’t always know exactly what it is that they’re looking for, and they might opt for change, even if they’re not entirely confident what that change will bring.”

I never believed that this man understood what he was saying.  His every speech, his every pronouncement – it’s always been a round robin that sounds wonderful within the context of the spoken word, but in writing appears to be a disjointed muddle of half thoughts and sloganeering.  Here we have more of the same.  Globalization is failing because of social media?  People are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world?  Mr. Obama, your globalization grandstanding has been about utilizing social media to destroy borders and national identities.  How is Black Lives Matter, a movement you support, any different from Trump or Sanders and their movements?  I suppose like all things Barack Obama – movements are supported and defined within a context of whether or not said movement props up his pathetic ego.  Black Lives Matter is a violent, socialist movement that seeks to drive a wedge into the heart of this nation – you, however, have never had the guts to say as much – because some populist movements are great – because they serve YOUR ends.  You will never hear Mr. Obama say that BLM has tapped into a bad strain of the population.  Never – even when towns and streets burn and people are being pulled from their cars and beaten.

Laughably, Obama’s comments were followed up by remarks from Greece’s Prime Minister – who is all about globalism.  According to Mr. Tspiras, it will be difficult for Mr. Trump to change the foreign policy of the United States, adding that Europe should work with our new president to build bridges, not walls.  How quaint.  Of course, Mr. Tspiras is all about globalism.  His nation has been panhandling for years, seeking to dig itself out of a debt wrought by mismanagement and laziness.  When the reckoning came, all there was left to do – was to beg for Europe to issue a bailout… and so they did.  Countries with hardworking populations have bailed out Greece and shockingly enough, its people and its government have the gall to say that they cannot tolerate any further cuts to services.  What?!  Pay your way Mr. Tspiras – then lecture the world and our new president.