Leadership – The Senate Sets A Horrible Example

Mitch McConnell is back as majority leader for the Republicans.  Not a shock – but is it good governance?  Does McConnell conjure images of change?  No.  He’s been a very weak leader.  Even with majorities he and Ryan could not push back against a “popular” president.  While I would ordinarily lament his keeping his position, I must remind myself that McConnell will be steamrolled by President Trump – and so, there is a silver lining.

On the Democrat side, we see Chuck Schumer stepping in to assume command in the wake of Harry Reid’s retirement.  I don’t have much to say about Mr. Schumer.  He’s had his hands on some of the worst events in recent history (housing bubble/recession) but he’s actually an improvement when you consider that Harry Reid is such a sack of excrement.

reidfaceI am elated to see Harry Reid leaving the government.  There has never been a more putrid soul to walk the halls of Washington power.  This scumbag remarked on the stench of common Americans touring the Capitol.  He has never had to answer for any of his idiotic statements because the media has always given him a pass.  This is a man that managed to demonize Mitt Romney of all people!  How did he do it?  He said that a friend told him that Mitt didn’t pay taxes.  The media, ever vigilant confronted Mr. Reid, asking him to identify the person who had told him Romney did not pay his taxes.  The senator told them not to worry about who it was that had told him – they needed to go and ask Romney why he didn’t pay taxes… and so, the media did.  It didn’t matter that there was not a shred of truth to this tale – it was brutal character assassination and if there is one thing Reid was great at, it was disparaging good people.  Of course, there were great moments in recent years – his getting his face smashed in during exercise – priceless.  While he has maintained that an exercise band came out of a wall and smashed him in his ugly, old, wrecked face – there has been speculation that his brother beat the ever living snot out of him.  I’m gonna believe that Reid got a beating – it seems like it was a long time coming.  So Harry – pack your stuff and get the hell out of all of our lives – we’re gonna be a lot better off without you – and won’t remember you come February 2017.  Happy trails, punk.