Why Jill Stein’s Recount Request Is A Crock.

So you may have heard a bunch of nonsense about Green Party candidate Jill Stein and her recount effort in various states.  The Greens have claimed that this is non-partisan and an effort to expose vote tampering/hacking.  Believe it or not, I actually care about vote hacking and fraud.  I think that there are a great many people voting that are not eligible because they are either dead or illegal aliens.  So when there is a call for transparency, I am not automatically adverse to it simply because my guy won.  I want to know where the weaknesses are in our system because win or lose – that integrity MUST BE PRESERVED.  So, for about 10 seconds, I thought – well okay, let’s investigate!  That, however, was a short-lived sentiment as it became apparent that this effort was little more than a cash grab from disgruntled Democrats.  Now, I know I should relish these morons being separated from their money – but I’m not at all glad to see such a fraud perpetrated on my fellow countrymen.

Why is this a fraud and a crock?  Jill Stein’s effort isn’t a national one – it is focused and skewed toward overturning electoral votes and election results in states lost by the jillsteinDemocrats despite their supposed stranglehold on those parts of the electorate.  This indicated to me fairly quickly that there was no desire at fact finding but rather the effort was solely aimed at inflaming liberal angst in order to fill Green Party coffers.  The irony is that Jill Stein torpedoed the Clinton campaign in the final days of the election – declaring that Hillary would bring about World War III.  While I agreed that Hillary was the candidate most likely to get us into a protracted war, I stopped short of declaring that Hillary would be the cause of global armageddon.  Ms. Stein however, is not one of the cooler heads in the sphere politique – but that in no way makes her an idiot.  No, quite to the contrary she is crazy like a fox.  She identified a segment of the population that was unhappy with the election results.  She then married that with sloppy “science” being conducted by Trump opponents to undermine the election results.    Voila – angst!  All she had left to do was monetize it and of course, the internet is all about monetizing silly causes – and so she started a fundraiser of her own.  Like flies to a cow pie, liberals swarmed to the site to donate – here was a woman willing to take up their reckless cause.  The funny thing about the fundraising site is the fine print which states:   “We cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting. We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states. ”  While I think that they will petition to have recounts in all of the states they believe are close – most of the money collected will undoubtedly be used to bolster the next nut the Greens put up in 2020 – perhaps, Ms. Stein herself.  Are you smelling what I’m smelling?

Any serious look into our election process would have to be done on a national level.  Why?  Because there is a very real question as to how elections in this country are carried out.  While we have 51 separate elections for the presidency – each of these 51 elections is carried out in a myriad of different ways because they’re conducted on a county level.  We ought to be investigating whether or not there should be some sort of uniformity amongst the counties and the states as far as evidencing that a person is truly eligible to vote and how those votes are obtained (computer systems, paper ballots etc.).  Of course, that will never happen.  So we’ll never know how many ineligible voters cast ballots for Hillary Clinton, but by God, we’re going to know whether or not nefarious Russian hackers (AKA liberal boogeymen) pushed Trump over the top by the slimmest of margins.

While I do not believe that this scam of Stein’s is going to overturn the election – what it will do is make clear newer Federal Election Commission rules regarding the use of separate campaign funds for recount efforts.  I don’t think that Stein and the Green Party are following those rules within the context and spirit of the law and I think that it will come back to bite them in their smelly, unwashed asses.