Jill Stein – Smart. People Who Support Her, Stupid.

steinstupidWell – Jill Stein has managed to pull an epic scam on gullible liberals.  She told them that she would initiate recounts in three states.  Turns out, in one of the three (Pennsylvania), she was already too late when she started collecting cash for this idiotic cause.  I said from the start that this was a total scam to fill the Green Party coffers and it seems to me that is exactly what is going to happen.  The costs for the remaining recounts will not come anywhere near the amount of money collected – if she bothers to pony up in Wisconsin and Minnesota – I have not heard yet that she has written the check.  It seems what people will actually get are half-hearted lawsuits to explain away why the recounts aren’t happening at all.  What Stein has proposed is hand recounts – without ANY evidence that fraud occurred.

The funniest thing is watching media talking heads ask Stein, “Why are you doing this?”  She then works down a list of replies that usually include two points, one – she doesn’t believe that anything will come of the recount, and two – she believes we need to find out if something went wrong through transparency.  Lady – seriously?  If you listen to the rationale of this woman, you fast find that she is borderline nuts and anybody that voted for her must, therefore, be an imbecile.  Sixteen years ago we had a LEGITIMATE issue – what change came of it?  Go away, Jill.  As for my friends on the left – it is hilarious for them to lament Republicans whining about voter fraud brought about by a lack of credentials proving eligibility – while they now have created an election crisis in spite of any documented evidence whatsoever.