Hero Campus Cop Alan Horujko – Kills Terrorist Scum

I’m noherocop2t going to lament the fact that the left has recklessly allowed very angry people to enter this country and to take advantage of our system with free education and prayer rooms.  Instead, I am going to celebrate the fact that a very fine campus cop was nearby to shoot a monster dead.  Thank you, Alan Horujko for stopping this animal in his tracks.

You performed wonderfully and you are owed thanks and gratitude, so let me offer both.  I understand that you are engaged to be married in October – all the best to you and your fiancee.  While I am sure that taking a life is a lot to process – please know that you did what you needed to do and what you were trained to do.  Do not give that scum, space in your head.  You would have far worse to consider if you failed to act and he harmed more innocents.  Job well done, Officer Horujko – and again, thank you.