Fidel Castro Is Dead – Good Riddance.

Leftists have worshiped Fidel Castro from afar, declaring his island hellhole a center of literacy and state of the art healthcare but the realities are a far cry from the convenient documentary Xanadu imagined by the likes of Michael Moore.  In reality, Fidel and his sociopath of a henchman Che Guevara overthrew one dictator in order that he be replaced by another.  Strange that liberals across this country purchase all of the Che and Fidel gear they can find – because what they’re doing is promoting capitalism, the thing both men reviled and fought… but of course they too were frauds.  As funny as it is to hear Democrats lament the rise of Trump through nationalism and populism – these are the very same things that their Cuban and South American heroes exploited to install communism in Cuba.  Oddly enough, the poor stayed poor and those in power became rich and stayed rich… wow, what a revolution!  In the end, Che got it the way he gave it – and the Bolivians aided by the CIA captured and executed the man – who was little more than a rabid mutt.  People love to put forth the image of Che looking majestic – a killer in his prime – I much prefer this one:


And so now, Fidel follows and I have nothing much to say on the matter beyond good riddance.  I don’t know what’s worse, being taken out in your prime like Che or becoming a doddering old fool in a sweatsuit wobbling around in a pair of New Balance.  That is the last image I have of Fidel the revolutionary – and it’s rather pathetic given his grandiose nature.  Fidel is dead and soon Raul will pass too – and the legacy of their murderous adventure will find its true end.  Perhaps then the fate of our island neighbor will rest with the PEOPLE.


That’s good Fidel, give yourself a big hand – you kept your people poor and miserable for fifty years – you maintained the wretched status quo.  Good thing you’re accustomed to the heat.