Elite Dangerous – My Prescription For Sanity

Every day can seem like a major kick in the rear.  It’s just life.  It happens.  But sooner or later, I get to throttle up the Vulture and head out into space.  Elite Dangerous, is a beautiful game that is a follow-up to Elite, which I am horrified to admit, I played on a Commodore 64 back in 1984.  Whether exploring, mining, driving over the surface of a planet or tearing up enemies while bounty hunting, the game offers a great escape to a rich universe that brings back awesome memories.  I haven’t really given the game its due as far as commenting on it or recommending it – but I figured I would remedy that with this post – definitely a must have game for anybody that loves the space sim genre.  Thirty-two years removed from the original game, I can still negotiate a complex HUD and work the controls – gotta keep the skills sharp – you never know when Musk will call needing a pilot.  God speed – commanders.