Election 2016: The Post-mortem

Even before the last states had been called and the electoral count confirmed the inevitable, media was out in front of the results offering up its next, new and improved – narrative. The new narrative would seek to explain what had happened – even though, the media had failed to see what was clearly apparent to those that were bothering to pay attention throughout this election cycle. For the record, what occurred was akin to a protest. Nobody took to the streets because most of the protestors involved in this bit of political discourse are gainfully employed and have zero opportunity to waste time blocking traffic (including ambulances) or looting the local CVS. No this group of protestors did what decent, good and patriotic Americans have done for 200+ years – they waited for election day and then they laid down the hammer in the election booth. Imagine how disgusting it was to hear the media spin this as some sort of hate filled, spiteful effort on the part of white folks (males in particular). For all of the whining and gnashing of teeth of every leftist sub-group, the people that actually pay the bills around here are the ones that have truly been forgotten. We have watched our country be run into the ground and despite our very vocal opposition on social media, talk radio and during the non-presidential interim elections – nobody seemed to give a damn what we thought. So now that our dissatisfaction has manifested in the electing of a complete political outsider – specifically for the purpose of sending a message to the entrenched political class within BOTH major parties – the media seeks to explain it away with a bunch of “isms”.

While Donald Trump’s electoral count hovered at around 238 and John King pounded away at the “magic wall” looking for any county that might redeem Hillary Clinton in the Rust Belt, Van Jones was already offering up the typical leftist excuses favored by the media. This was a “white-lash” – a term I suppose he can claim to have coined as I’d never heard this idiotic reference previous to his using it. The logic works something like this – we white folks got together on our party line (because in addition to being racists we’re old and out of touch with technology) and plotted to elect Trump as a rebuke of our first black president and minorities in general. The sheer absurdity of this thinking is galling in its naked lack of intellectual reflection – but if there is one thing that the media is good at, it’s spewing nonsense without applying any thought whatsoever. What Van Jones and those that are claiming race as the reason for Clinton’s loss seem to ignore is historical fact, which shows that people often gravitate to the party out of power when an incumbent candidate is not running. This election is not unprecedented – it is actually TYPICAL. Further, you had a candidate in Hillary Clinton that was unable to maintain the coalition of support that Barack Obama had pulled together in 2008 and 2012. This is not a shortcoming of the electorate; this is a shortcoming of the Democratic Party who put up a wholly unlikeable candidate.

It should also be noted that this logic is insidious at its core because while lambasting whites for voting for Trump as a block, it ignores the fact that Democrats rely on that very thing occurring every election. You never hear a leftist condemning the fact that African Americans, Hispanics, women, homosexuals, etc. vote for Democrats as a block, do you? The only time acting in concert is seen as nefarious is when white folks do it. I know hypocrisy is the coin of the leftist realm, but give me a break.

Next on the media narrative of “isms” is the old and reliable sexism argument. Apparently, white males just cannot imagine a nation run by a woman. Again, instead of looking at the numbers, we have the media and celebrities spewing nonsense about sexism as a reason for Hillary Clinton’s failure. What this conveniently ignores is that a majority of white women (53%) voted Trump. Was this racism (I’m pretty sure Hillary is white) or was it self-loathing sexism? I’m so confused.

The truly insulting part is that leftists then came out and declared that any woman that voted for Trump as opposed to Hillary is, “fucking dumb” or “an idiot”. They fall back to the self-hate that according to them drives women to vote against their own best interests. Again, this is demeaning in and of itself. It declares that women are incapable of thinking for themselves and deciding what it is that they want. It’s absurd but this is the logic that is being employed by the left and their media propagandists to explain away what typically occurs because of the duality of our two party system. Do I even bother to mention that yet again, the left is condoning a gender voting as a block for one of their own versus voting for the candidate that they believe will best bring about the changes that they want?

So there you have it. The media and the left that failed to properly gauge the level of dissatisfaction within the electorate, is still clueless as to the REAL and TRUTHFUL reasons for Clinton’s defeat. This wasn’t about race. This wasn’t about sexism. This wasn’t about glass ceilings.  This was all about a country that recognizes that we are in a malaise. Workforce participation is in the toilet. Manufacturing jobs have all but disappeared (which is the reason why Hillary lost reliably blue states like Michigan and Pennsylvania). Our government seems to have sold us out at every turn with bad trade deals and treaties that capitulate to our enemies like Iran. We cannot sustain this nation with 95 million (estimated) people no longer contributing to the system while taking from it. We cannot continue to allow businesses to import cheaper skilled labor while our kids amass huge amounts of debt and then are passed over for the jobs they thought would be there when they got out of school. Do I even bother to mention that schools of higher learning (often extremely liberal) continue to increase tuition at a rate that far exceeds the rate of inflation? Where is their accountability?  We cannot continue to take in immigrants and refugees from hostile nations without there being some kind of a vetting process that ensures the safety of Americans.  Voters across this great land see these concerns as legitimate.  It is only the media and the left that would dare to deign such common sense issues as secondary to racist and sexist agendas that they dream up.

This all said, the state of the nation was not the only thing that led to Trump’s being elected. We as a nation have grown weary of government’s lack of insight into what it is that we want. As clueless as the media has become, our government is far more ignorant to what it is that people expect of them. The Republican Party failed to mount any kind of opposition to the policies of Barack Obama – even when their constituents begged and pleaded with them to act. For three election cycles, we listened to how it was that they were going to stop the Obama regime from doing as it pleased through executive orders. We delivered to the Republicans the House of Representatives and the Senate and even with that, they did little or nothing to stop Obama from inflicting his agenda on this nation. Republicans, finally fed up – willfully supported Donald Trump’s coup, in an effort to send a message to political elites throughout the government (both left and right) that we would hold them accountable and we would seek out alternatives to the status quo. He defeated every establishment candidate set against him, not because he is some kind of mythical force of nature – but because the people were keen to send a message to Washington DC and their lobbyist masters. Whether or not it pans out, who knows but the intent was not to promote some kind of insidious xenophobic agenda as portrayed in the media. Donald Trump’s assent has been about government being held to task for its actions. People sought to lob a grenade into the cozy confines of the political enclave that is Washington. We accomplished this feat and for all of the whining, moaning and narrative agendas put forth by the media this is the cold, hard truth of Election 2016.