Doomsday Plane And The Post Nuclear Command Structure

Earlier this week, the internet was abuzz about a plane that circled over Colorado/Denver for several hours on Wednesday.  The plane was later identified as a US Navy E6-B Mercury, apparently nicknamed “the doomsday plane” because it is a command and control aircraft that would be launched during a nuclear event to maintain communications and to coordinate our response/retaliation from submarines etc.  It seems that a plane circling overhead for an hour or so (even at altitude) tends to make people paranoid and so there were calls to local television outlets asking about the aircraft.  Typical of the military, they were mum about the plane’s mission – but hilariously, citizens were able to track the flight plan via public websites.  The plane returned to its base in Oklahoma – exactly where these command and control assets are housed.

“Did you see this today?” a newscaster at the KMGH, the local ABC affiliate, asked during a broadcast. “There was this plane just circling the metro, circling and circling, and many of you called us asking what was going on.”

The station initially reported the identity of the plane “a mystery” but provided an update the following day.

In a telephone interview with, Lt. Leslie Hubbell, a spokeswoman for Naval Air Forces in San Diego, said there was nothing unusual about the plane or the flight. The Federal Aviation Administration directed the Mercury to fly the pattern it did around Denver, she said, presumably because of air traffic.

Air traffic, yeah… that’s the ticket.  I highly doubt this was the case.  So, what was this plane doing over Denver/Colorado?  I would surmise that it was testing communications with facilities in the region, whether that be very low frequency or something else.  Colorado seems to house facilities specific to the government’s survival in a post-nuclear apocalypse world.  Reading about the facilities in Colorado is an eerie exercise in the exploration of a what-if scenario that most of us do not want to envision – but (very creepy) conspiracy theories about Illuminati hidey holes under Denver’s airport are only bolstered by legitimate news stories about Cheyenne Mountain being reopened by the military.  Notice the story about the Cheyenne Mountain complex references communications equipment being moved into the facility eighteen months ago.  Cheyenne Mountain had previously been all but abandoned by the military, but now – it’s back in action.

Whether or not the conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport are accurate, one can’t deny that the stories about the place aredoomsday compelling.  You have to wonder why the government (or a shadow government) would basically wave a flag over the place announcing its true purpose – but I’ve come to believe that those in power are arrogant enough not to care whether or not we the people know what they’re plotting.  It makes perfect sense that the airport would serve as a gathering site for our (or the world’s) leadership.  They have to fly somewhere – so why not fly to a highly fortified bunker in the middle of the country?  It seems to me, for as crazy as the conspiracy theories are made to look, this is a location that is suited for what is being alleged.  All of the New World Order symbolism aside – it sounds reasonable.  Why not house a complex under the airport that could serve as a new seat for our government after a nuclear attack?  It would be in close proximity to whatever surviving military assets we had left in the wake of such a devastating event.  Setting aside a true nuclear war, even a localized attack on Washington would require that the government relocate.  Where do you think they would go?  Who do you think would want them in their backyard?  I have to believe that even if Denver isn’t the location, there has to be some sort of a facility somewhere that is waiting to be activated for such an eventuality.  Sure, our government could retreat to military facilities – but somehow I believe that the civilians within our government – already leery of the military – would want a place directly under their command and control.

Days removed from this incident, the plane’s mission seems to have indeed been routine, but it does cause one to think and to ponder about doomsday in general.  While we go about our daily lives, consumed in the nitty-gritty of survival – so much of what happens to us is out of our hands.  Is the government preparing?  Are Illuminati types plotting against humanity, has our species reached a population level that is unsustainable?  Could a cabal of the so-called best and brightest resort to some sort of drastic action to lower humanity’s footprint on the earth?  I have no idea – but one thing is certain, crazy conspiracy though it may be – I put nothing past anybody in this day and age.  Whatever the intent with regard to the art and the stonework at Denver International, one cannot escape the fact that it is frightening and seems to telegraph something ominous.

Carry on, truthseekers… carry on.